Welcome to AIPMO's Learning & Certification Centre (LCC)

AIPMO's LCC is for AIPMO and its accredited partners giving AIPMO certification and accredited courses. The aim is that every certification course delegate will have their own login and access to all current and past course materials. Its a life journey of training needs and during the journey to be able to make connections to the frameworks, ideas, concepts, techniques, and templates to create your own PMO and project environments.

From now on the majority, if not all AIPMO certification and accredited course materials will be within AIPMO LCC, irrespective if the course is in-class (F2F), hybrid or virtual (live and asymmetric). The benefits besides instant access and online history of course materials are the reduction of environmental impacts such as printing and shipping materials around the world.

We hope you enjoy AIPMO's LCC.

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